ATTN: CNA's in Suffolk County LI NY: Where do you work and are you happy there?

  1. Hi I'm a CNA currently working in a the Vets nursing home in Stony Brook and Im not happy -at all. The staff is nice but the work is back breaking and we are under staffed. The pay is decent ($14.37 per hour) but not enough in my opinion for the work we do. Especially after taxes are taken out. I'm curious where other CNA's on Long Island work and what their opinions are of the facilities they work for are. Ive been told CNAs at hospitals are paid more and do less back breaking work. In a perfect world I'd prefer not showering/bathing anyone and interacting more with the residents (which I have NO time to do now with my work load)

    I enjoy the elderly so I was seriously considering an assisted living facility nearby, but the one I interviewed for starts at only $10 an hour. I like the idea that (most) Assisted Living Facilities dont require bathing/diapering or feeding and the residents are capable enough to handle their own ADLs for the most part.

    Any suggestions on where I could apply (locally in Suffolk County) and information on the starting salary per hour and work environment are GREATLY appreciated!
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