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  1. I am currently a ADN student (graduating this may) in lexington, KY and am planning on relocating to ithaca, new york - my husband will be attending cornell in the fall. I have found information on Cayuga Medical Center but I was wondering if there are other places a new grad nurse should look for employment? Also, any information regarding the area would be helpful. It looks beautiful from pictures! Any info would be great.
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  3. by   cmbella4
    Hi dwag, I'm not a nurse (currently looking into assoc. programs in ithaca area) but I live about an hour from Ithaca. Just wanted to say that I think you'll love Ithaca, it's my favorite place to visit on weekends. The town has a lot to offer because of the University being there. The pictures don't lie, Ithaca is very beautiful--I'm sure you'll like it there. Good luck finding a job!
  4. by   lissyrn
    Hi. I live in the Syracuse area. I am new here, too--I think it's about a 90 minute drive to Ithaca. Wanted to live in Ithaca, but Cayuga is the only hospital there and I did not get an offer. Unfortunately, Cornell has it's medical center in NYC. There are quite a few hospitals in Syracuse, the largest being Upstate, which is always hiring. My suggestion--there are lots of lovely small towns halfway between Syracuse and Ithaca. It really is beautiful country. Drive around and check out the area.
  5. by   RN NascarFan
    Cayuga Medical Center, Gannet Health center (Cornell), Ithaca College, Robert Packer in Sayre, PA. (about 30 min. south of Ithaca), a couple hospitals in Elmira, NY (also about 45 min. - 1 hour south)several hospitals in Syracuse (1 hour north of Ithaca), 3-4 hospitals in Binghamton/Johnson City NY (about 1 hour east of Ithaca).
    Ithaca is a beautiful area with falls, gorges and state prks all around. The wineries are open year round, good theatres in the area and a very diverse population.
    Good luck with your move