Any CNA classes starting before Fall 09?

  1. I want to get into the medical field ASAP and because I have a mortgage to pay, I don't have the luxury of waiting around until Sep 09. I am planning on taking an intensive LPN course in the fall (if I get accepted) and ideally, I'd like to be working as a CNA by then. Does anyone know of a well rounded CNA program in the NYC area that starts somewhere in the summer? I was thinking about the program at Brookhaven Hospital in LI, but not only is it quite far, you then have to commit 2 full years in working for them. This'll interfere with me getting an LPN position. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   lclarke05
    What part of NYC do you live? I know of the Allen school and Bulkan institute in downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan institute in the city, and
    NYmedtraining in queens. the price range is between 800 and 1400 and 3weeks to 6 weeks.
  4. by   rlorenzo24
    I looked into those schools moments ago. Have heard great things about Manhattan Institute, however, I'll be driving and parking would be a nightmare. New Age has a combined Nurse Aid Advanced course that includes Phlebotomy and EKG and this is something I'd ditch the car for. NYMedtraining sounds great too. CNA & PCT courses would need to be taken separate. York College doesn't start their CNA program till Oct 09. I'm just anxious to get into the work force I guess. I know that EKG and Phlebotomy would make me more marketable, rather than just a CNA. Thanks for the info!