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  1. by   hjohanss
    Still waiting on that call....does anyone have any inside info when they are making acceptance calls? It is quite agonizing I have to say!
  2. by   hjohanss
    Still waiting on that call....does anyone have any inside info when they are making acceptance calls? It is quite agonizing I have to say! I think I may call the adviser tomorrow to see what is the dealio...
  3. by   Jns77
    Hey! I asked other friends if they got the call yet but so far no one has got a call. The orientation is next week right? Hopefully they call you guys before friday!
  4. by   hjohanss
    Yup, the orientation is next week...the 14th. Did your friend receive A's in the pre-reqs?
  5. by   Jns77
    No theirs were 3.9. But usually cut off for day is 3.84and night 3.77, well for fall 09 it was but it's pretty consistant the past few years with those gpa's. everyone is so nervous, I think it's crazy to call only one week prior to orientation.
  6. by   hjohanss
    Sounds like I am in the same boat as your friends. With that one A- in english, my gpa comes out to a 3.915. You probably right about no calling. I do nervous about this. BMCC makes this is tough. Ahhh.
  7. by   Jns77
    That was my grades too, 3 a's and 1 A-and it was in English too. I hated writing papers! Your gpa should be 3.94, so you are actually higher than you think. I m certain mine was 3.94 with those grades.
  8. by   hjohanss
    I hope that is enough this semester. I've been telling everyone that I will be starting nursing school so I do not want to let them down. Crossing my fingers. Let me know if your friends get the call - and I will let you know if I hear anything.
  9. by   Jns77
    You will get in trust me! I will def let you know if I hear anything.
  10. by   CP1983
    Hopefully, everyone gets a call. I called them on Monday and the lady got slightly annyoed with me but what does she expect? I mean, they really wait till the last minute, you know? LOL, my cousing is in CSI nursing program and they gave her at least two to three months time of letting her know and she had that time to at least relax and get her stuff and documents together. But we will see. I have my 4.0 but you never know. I just want to make sure if I don't get in I will start applying to other programs (because getting your transcripts and paying admission fees are exoensive). I didn't want to do all of that before and they I found out I get into the BMCC program and I wasted all my money applying to other schools.
  11. by   CP1983
    Jns77 and hjohanss, hopefully we get to meet!!!! I am applying for the day program; what about you?
  12. by   hjohanss
    It is totally ridiculous. As soon as the grades came in, they should a list of applicant gpa's and make the calls. Its tough because everyone's life is totally undecided. Anyways, I applied to the day program.
  13. by   Jns77
    Hi cp1983 I'm in the day program going into my second semester but I know few people who have applied and i am hoping they get in..they are starting to other friend just got a call..
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