Admission interview at Adelphi University 2013

  1. Has anyone received a call for an interview at Adelphi University. This is for the accelerated nursing program. I will like to hear your experience
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  3. by   chrissy69
    Did you receive a call for an interview?
  4. by   Didi2013
    Hi, I had the interview last week...
  5. by   chrissy69
    How was it? what questions did they ask?
  6. by   Didi2013
    Was not too bad. They asked me to tell about myself, why do I want to be a nurse, why in Adelphi and why accelerated... Was less stressful then I thought it would be.
    Are you going to have an interview there as well?
  7. by   tonia12
    I also had mine last week. The questions asked were also similar to Didi's questions. Although they did not ask me why I wanted to do the accelerated program at Adelphi. Christy do you have an interview with Adelphi.
  8. by   tonia12
    Didi have you heard anything from Adelphi
  9. by   Didi2013
    Yes I did, I was accepted to the program
    How about you?
  10. by   tonia12
    Yes, I was also accepted
  11. by   Didi2013
    Great! Are you a student at Adelphi now?
  12. by   tonia12
    The program starts in May, so am waiting for the package.
  13. by   Yankees252411
    Does anyone know roughly how many people are accepted into this program each year? Was just curious how competitive it is.
  14. by   Didi2013
    Between 16 to 24 students.
    I just don't know how many apply every year... Do you?