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Browsing job postings in New York City, I've noticed that many hospitals seem to be asking specifically for Patient Care Technicians who are either certified as PCT's, or been through a PCT vocational program. In all the other job markets I'm familiar with, hospitals will accept CNA's who have previous experience and don't make a distinction between CNA's who have and have not been through a PCT course. So my question is do New York City CNA's have a harder time finding hospital employment without PCT training, even when they have experience? What about CNA's who are also certified in EKG and Phlebotomy? If anyone can answer my question I would appreciate it.


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Hello, okay if you are an CNA and have Phil and EKG you are a Patient care Tech/Associate. Maybe revising your resume' and changing the position to PCT or PCA would help... Nowadays, hospitals wants CNA, Philiebotomy, and EKG... That way they can use you more. Hope i helped.....


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Yes, you helped. Thanks alot for answering my question.

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