New York BON Posting License 2023 After Passing NCLEX


Hey Everyone ūüôā¬†

Took my NCLEX on 02/22/23 in the AM, and got the good pop-up 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs, and 24hrs after my exam end time. Got quick results on 02/25/23 in the AM. Now awaiting New York State BON to post my license as several hospitals will not start processing my application without the posting. I know the website says 6-8 weeks to see your license posted but, has anyone gotten it earlier in 2023? Also, when they say posting, do they mean that you can search up your name on the BON website or you get an email? If you applied for NYS Licensure, are you able to view your licensure on any other BON site? Didn't realize how much of a waiting game everything is. 


Any info or advice would be much appreciated! 


just want to ask if you already have received your license number?and hownlong did it take all in all?Thank you so much