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My name is Nicole and I am venturing into travel Nursing. It has been something I have always wanted to do and now I feel that I have acquired some knowledge and experience and I am ready to go and learn more and see more. I have been a critical care nurse for 5 years.

Any tips for travel Nursing?

What should I look for when looking into an agency?

Best cities to travel in?

Pros and cons of travel?

all advice is welcome!

Hello ICUnicole,

Recruiter here and you'll be able to find a lot of the answers to your questions in the forum here. I've provided some general answers to your questions below.

1) If you can get a multi-state license, have your paperwork updated and in one easy place to access, work with multiple agencies, understand how tax advantage works, understand about duplicating expenses, be open!

2) It's going to depend on what you're looking for best travel locations, highest pay, best benefits, etc? In general though you should find a recruiter that fits your personality well and that you not only get along with, but also trust. Your point of contact during an assignment is going to be the recruiter and you'll need someone you can reach out to and depend on when times are good or bad. There are dozens if not hundreds of recruiters within an agency so if you like a company, but not a recruiter request a new one.

3) This is going to depend on why you want to travel. Are you chasing the money, a challenge, traveling the world, just want a change of pace? There is no quote on quote "Best" city because it is subjective on what travelers are wanting from their career.

4) Pros - possibility of higher pay, get to see the world, get to meet a lot of new people and see new places, possibly find a hospital that will be your future staff location, join a new community. Cons - can be stressful finding another contract, taxes can be complicated, jumping into travel nursing can be overwhelming, credentialing can be a nightmare.

This is all I could think of now, I hope this helps you a little! Best of luck to you on your journey.

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