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I am a nursing student currently enrolled in a 2 year RN college degree program in Georgia. I was wondering what is the pay difference in a 2 year RN degree vs a 4 year RN degree. Thanks for all your replies in advance!:D


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I work at a pediatric hosp in Texas. New grads from two year started out two dollars less then BSN's. I know one obstacle that 2years face is at our hosp, they are not able to hold any management positions. I hope this helps some. Let me know if you have any questions. Donna


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There has never been a distinction in pay between ADN/BSN where I have worked. There has been a distinction in who advances to management positions, mostly BSN, although some ADN as well.

Now the place I am working at right now uses a clinical ladder to account for raises. Furthering your education gets you more points towards a higher raise; although the new degree doesn't have to be in nursing.


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It most likely depends on the facility. I work for the federal government [and recently have seen the state and local governments doing the same thing] is that we generally do not bring ADN's in anymore. Most of our posting say directly on them BSN. The ADN's that we still have out there make the same as the BSNs that are at the same level.... but like others have said in this thread the ADN's will not advance to management..... in fact, some of our management positions are now listed with Masters preferred.

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