New Student At 52


Hi Everyone,...sorry for the length.

I am doing a career change at 52 as most of my life has seemed to lean towards healthcare. Actually Advocacy to which I chose to do unpaid. As I love the job, there are little out there and now I am literally sitting waiting for an employer to call me to tell me if I will have got a job all due to my advocacy work, only thing is, they require an LVN.

Now, I am jazzed about this, but after reading up on this, I am wondering if this job will be for me. It isn't the norm LVN, it is just the place requires that all be one.

Here is where I am seeking advice. I have 2 bad knees due to a head on accident. The only thing asked of me in my interview was could I lift 50 pounds to which they said I might need to do. As for anything else, it seemed pretty straight forward.

I hear women my age questioning this position and now I am too after reading their comments here. For those who are an LVN, can you give a description of the level of work you do in a hospital or nursing home and tell me your average day.

A big thank you in advance for those that respond.