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new RN woes in skilled nursing


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I'm just simply completely frustrated with being a new nurse in a facility where most have been there 20+ years. Being a nurse is something I've always wanted and now I'm here and my self-confidence is being depleted by those senior to myself. Just needed a moment to vent. What is the best way to get-along with those that are in some way intimidated by a new nurse. I want to learn from them, not disagree? Just needed a moment to vent. :)

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Being a new nurse is very hard, being a new nurse at a place where most of the staff have been there for a long time can be even harder.

What's going on that you feel you're disagreeing with them rather than learning from them and what makes you think they feel intimidated by you?

It's a bit hard to give suggestions without knowing what the problem is, can you give some examples or be more specific?