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Long story short: I graduated in April 2000, I want to accept a 13 week (or so) contract in Texas or Florida or somewhere and make A LOT of cash. I have heard of people doing this and try as I might, I have not been able to find out specifics. I DO NOT want to work through a Travel Nurse Company, so please don't write to me if you are a Travel Nurse Company Recruiter. I am able to go with minimal notice. I just want a good experience and nice pay. I know these opportunities are out there, I just can't find 'em!


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Hi there,

Congrats on graduation and best of luck in your job search. I too am Canadian and went to Texas after grad. I worked CCU (on the job training was great). I made 12.66 to start. Worked only nights in order to make 15.66/hr (3.00 shift diff). It was a great experience but if you are going for the money please think again. Texas and Florida are among the worst paying states for new grads. I came back to Canada after 2.5 years in the US (Texas and Washington state) and I'm very glad to be back. The US has alot to offer new grads as far as training and experience. The major drawbacks include workload & floating. For the amt of money made I don't think risking your career is worth it. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and made alot of friends but I wouldn't go back there for the money. All is relative. When you live in the US you pay US. I make more money here (net) working less hrs.

As far as the 13 week assignment thing. Personally, I would try to get a full time permanent job for a year (US or otherwise). If you are a temp or agency nurse you have to be able to jump in and feel comfortable wherever they send you (within reason of course). The US system is alot different than here. Different meds, charges for supplies used.

All in all I personally prefer Canada, but I also went to the US. Sometimes seeing that the other side isn't always greener makes you appreciate what you have. I wish you luck in your search. If I can be of any assistance let me know.....


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