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New RN

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Hi! I am a newly Registered Nurse. Batch 2015 ako grumaduate. I still can't decide where to apply. I am willing to volunteer kaso I heard some hospitals also reject those who are willing to volunteer. Does anyone know If there are Good Hospitals who accepts fresh grads & if I can send my resume through email. ********************************** backer! :(

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It's always better to personally submit your application documents. It's really not a matter of where to apply but when. While it is a fact that the probability of getting a favorable feedback is low, if not none at all, it's better to try sending your application documents to different hospitals now. It's up to you if you would start with those that are near your location or if you would start with the big ones. Remember, you already faced many threats and rejections when you were taking your BSN so why be discouraged now that you are just a step away from becoming a full pledged RN?

I'm also from batch 2015 and have the same concern. It's very challenging to find a work that requires you to do bedside care. Can't believe it will be this hard. No wonder some newly registered nurse don't pursue their profession. :cry::cry::cry:


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Hello new nurses, welcome to the real world! hehe, guys, accept it, it's really hard to find a related job but come to think of this, it's worse a couple of years ago because of the surplus of registered nurses unlike this time when nursing enrollment plummeted to an all time low since 2000.

You guys are in a much better position now. I was a batch 2008 graduate however my nursing experience is just almost 3 years. So, keep trying! You have more options and opportunities now.

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Needless to say that one's fluency in the English language, in addition to one's good educational background, verifiable nursing job experience and high competency in the field of Nursing will give a nurse a better chance of landing that sought after nursing job, particularly that better paying nursing job either in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. or in the Middle East.