New RN needs Geriatric book recommendations


I'm a new graduate and looking for my first nursing job. It's likely that it might be in LTC. Fingers crossed over a position as night charge nurse I'm being considered for!I'm excited by the opportunity but also nervous because I don't have vast LTC experience. I had a semester of clinical a there but it was first semester. I'd like to be as prepared as possible. I realize that I'll be overwhelmed just at the sheer volume of patients that I must administer meds to and assess. Do you have any book recommendations that could help me both better understand my role and learn skills particular to geriatric care in a LTC facility?


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Please look at the 36hour day to understand dementia. As far as meds and time management learn commonly used meds, side effects,etc. Make tip sheets if needed and a time schedule to keep yourself in check. Otherwise you will find yourself slipping.


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Hi, I'm also being considered for a charge RN position at SNF. I'm a new grad and got licensed last month. I'm also nervous for all the responsibilities it includes. Not sure if I should take the job