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I am delighted today to find out that I passed the boards and I am officially an RN. I am needing some advice about the Job Search. I have applied at a lot of hospitals (about 20) and only had one interview. I was beat out by someone with more experience, but have had no call backs about anything in over a month. I took advantage of that time and prepared for the boards. A friend of mine said the problem may be that I am willing to work in any department, weekends, days, nights, anything. She told me I would be better off updating my resume with a mission statement and a focus. She told me to pick a couple of hospitals that I would like to work at, think of which department I would like the best, and shift preference. She told me to reapply with all of this. She said this does not mean I would not take another offer, but I would not look as desperate if I am focused. I think I will take her advice, but besides that is there anything else I should do or include in my resume to help catch an employer's eye? Is there anything special I need to put on the application? I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if employers just did not want to hire me until I passed the boards. :D


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Well first of all congrats on passing!!! :yeah: I think that your friend gave you some good advice. Applying to a specific job may make it seem like you are a little more focused but it is understandable that you want to appear flexible too! It may be that a lot of the positions that you applied for were looking for RN's vs. GN's. With some positions they have to assume that you may not pass boards on your first go around. But boards passed or not I think the application process is a bit slow. I too have been waiting for the phone to ring but it's only been about a week and a half since I started applying. Just give it some time, keep applying and now that you have passed maybe you will look more attractive to prospective employers. Good Luck!!!

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