New PNP who hates first job and want to get FNP certificate ASAP


HI all, I am a new PNP who has been working in my local ED for about 3 months. I absolutely hate it. I love almost all the people but I dread going into work. I wish I would have gotten my FNP but at the time i though I wanted to only work with children. I have PICU RN experience prior to my PNP.

Now i feel trapped because my area has absolute no other Peds NP jobs available and I cannot relocate.

SO I was looking for advice about post grad certificate for FNP. I need something I can finish fast because i can't bare to think i will have to be in this job for more then a few more months.

I was also curious if anyone with a PNP works from home doing telemedicine or has found something else we can do as PNP from home.

I don't want to stay in this job any longer then I need to... TIA