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I started my first specialist placement on Monday, in theaters. Its BRILLIANT!

At first I was kinda nervous becuase everyone just rushes about, knowing their role and what to do, but then I met my mentor, and she showed me round the department and so on. On my first day I didnt really do much, just observed the other staff and a tonsilectomy, and someone having polyps removed from there nose. In the afternoon of that, was meant to see a below the knee amputation, but it was cancelled in place of an emergency laparotamy (sp?!), and a hernia repair. The theater shuts at 6, and then we had to "socially" clean it before the demestics came in and clent it properly. The next day I got to help lay out the equipment needed for that days opperations, which was two repairs of a perforated ear drum (mirongplastys I think it was called) which was really interesting as Id had the same thing done a few weeks ago. In the afternoon I was in recovery, which was also enjoyable, but not as much as being in the theaters.

Today I scrubbed with the scrub nurse and helped to lay out the intrusments and count them with her, and saw a bowel resection.

Its sooooo interesting and the staff are well nice. And I get to were cool scrubs! This is the fisrt ever placement where Ive thought "yeah I could work here". Im in the theaters for another 2 weeks, then 2 weeks in Recovery. I hope it stays this good! :hatparty:

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