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I'm a relatively new graduate nurse. I spent my summer working as a summer camp nurse with Big Brothers Big Sisters, & now I'm looking for a job that's more so along the lines of public health. Unfortunately, I live in Northeast Ohio & there aren't any health dept. job openings. I decided to apply for an occupational health position, & I have an interview on Monday. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions on what to study up on/look into for the interview. Any insight on the job would be appreciated.

Thank you!!


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Hello Shiiiby!

Welcome. As a new grad this job will be most challenging. I would start with advance first aid courses for nurses, an OSHA class (10 hour or 30 hour) to start learning about regulations - these can be done online now, spirometry courses, hearing conservation certification (look up CAOHC), workers compensation courses, certificate courses for OHN's such as the program at University of North Carolina that do not require experience or advanced to degrees to participate (and the credits can be used if you wish to go forward with their advanced degree programs).

It is public health nursing but not in the same way as working at a health department. Much of what you do in occupational health nursing is TEACH. Health promotion (including vaccinations, diet, exercise, etc.), injury prevention, proper treatment of current injury, and the like.

It is only boring and dull if you hide in the medical station with your nose in a book. Once you make a few trips around the plant, show some interest in learning what they do and how, and chat with people, they will come to see you readily for advice and care. Where I have worked it is rarely quiet and never the same two days in a row. I love it!

If you like it and have a little experience under your belt you can go for a COHN or COHN-S certification. There are many posts about those on this blog and more information at the ABOHN Web site.

Feel free to ask specific questions of this group. There are many with lots of experience that would be happy to answer. Sometimes this blog is kind of quiet so we don't check in daily but we will respond.

Good luck and keep us posted!