New nursing adventure

by Cileine Cileine (New) New

I’ve been a nurse for 8 years working in critical care with the last 3 years as a rapid response nurse. I absolutely loved my job but wanted to experience something new and see how it is working in a higher level trauma center. I just received offers to work in the NICU at a children’s hospital and another as a clinical supervisor on a progressive care unit. Two very good jobs but completely different…one job will be working with a pt population that I know while the other is completely different than what I’m used to ? To top it off I know how rare both opportunities are. Please correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I knew NICUs don’t typically hire people without neonatal/pediatric background and most adult units usually higher leadership from within for continuity. Without looking at the difference in pay I love both jobs equally and having a hard time making a decision. Should I venture out and work in an area with a pt population that I’m not familiar with? Do I stick with what I know and take the opportunity to make a difference and become leadership?  I’m not really asking for anyone to make my decision for me (even though it may seem that way LOL) but to get some insight and different opinions.