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Hello everyone!

I'm sarah, a nursing student. I graduate in May. This semester has been all about L&D/OB for me. I have two clinicals, and both are OB related. I REALLY love this field. I just seem to have a passion for it. My question is, when I graduate, what are the realistic possibilites of me finding a job in this field after I graduate? I know this is a field most nurses will stay in once they're in, so I'm wondering how hard it will be for me to find my way in. I am hoping people who reply will be open and honest with me.

Thank you!


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It is very competitive to find a job in OB because it is so sought after, esp. by new grads. I graduated May 2012 with my BSN, passed the NCLEX in June, and was fortunate to get hired on an L&D unit in August. The main reason I was able to get this job is because I was a nurse extern on this same L&D unit the summer of 2011 and stayed on this unit working as a patient care associate during my last year in nursing school.While I was working there I made sure I asked lots of questions, shadowed nurses, and helps them in any way that I could. I made a huge impression on the nurse manager, who noticed how much I love L&D and how hard I was working while still attending college. I had also inquired about a position before there was even one posted and told her how much I love working there and would love to continue working there in the role of an RN as soon as a position opened up. Luckily, when one finally did in August, I was the first person she thought of to hire.

So what I would like you to take from my story is this.... make connections! During your OB rotation, talk to the nurses... ask lots of questions... show your enthusiasm.. and make an appointment to speak with the nurse manager about your interest in working there after graduation. See if you can find a job as an extern, patient care tech/nurses aid, or a new grad residency in OB. If you are passionate about OB it is not too soon to start looking around and making good connections while still in nursing school. Without the right connections and references it is VERY difficult to get a job in OB straight out of nursing school.

After graduation, it would also be helpful to obtain certification in neonatal resuscitation, ACLS, and keep current with your BLS to make yourself more marketable to OB positions on your resume. These certifications will show employers that you are passionate about finding a job in OB.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


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I agree with Kayla. I landed my first nursing job on a postpartum unit. I did my senior role practicum on a postpartum unit and developed a great rapport with my preceptor. I even went as far as to introduce myself to L&D and PP nurse managers at various hospitals, including the one I did my practicum. I also asked to shadow their units before I applied for jobs. I was offered two jobs one on L&D at the hospital I did my practicum and a PP position at a county hospital. I choose to work at the county hospital because I had the opportunity to float to L&D and NICU. I will admit it is hard to get into OB nursing especially if your school has a strong focus on med/surg nursing but it is possible to land the job of your dreams. Good luck!