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New Nurse- Unsure About What to Do

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So I recently graduated from an LPN program at the end of 2019. Although I’ve always been someone that struggled with self doubt. Throughout school I did very well with the tests and projects but struggled with lab and clinical.

The thought of doing something new or uncomfortable was always hard for me. As time went on clinical did seem to get more manageable but I did have thoughts of quitting school all together at times. Not because I didn’t want to be an LPN but I didn’t think I could do it. My parents/instructors always encouraged me to keep on going and I did.

For my preceptorship I was on a Rehab floor at my local hospital. I did enjoy it as the patients weren’t super acute but I still got to see a medical side of nursing. But I’ve always seen myself working in LTC when I finished school. I’ve worked in an assisted living facility for the past 2 years as a PSW and love it.

Fast forward to now I got a job on 2 different floors at the same hospital. I’m on a transitional care unit for people needing nursing home placement and really enjoy it so far. I’m also working on the same rehab unit that I did my preceptorship on. Since I’m only casual I don’t have a set schedule. I’ve only worked two shifts on the rehab unit since being done orientation. The two shifts have both been pretty awful. The first one I was given a very heavy patient load with a lot of issues going on. During this shift I required a lot of help from my other staff members. I just felt incompetent as a nurse but they all said I did fine. They were even going to ask the nurse manager about switching up the assignment as it was too heavy for anybody.

The second shift went okay until I required help to do something I’ve never done before. The girls were super helpful but I still felt like I was bothering them with my questions. I didn’t get off the unit until an hour after my shift was over but I managed. I can’t help but wonder if I’m a good fit for this unit or if I can even do the job.

I’ve been picking up shifts occasionally as a PSW at my assisted living building as I don’t get guaranteed hours at the hospital but a lot of the staff are wondering why I don’t take an LPN position. As an LPN in assisted living you’re the only nurse in the building and have to pass meds to 60+ people. I just am not sure if I could handle this workload. Numerous new nurses have quit over the past few years because of this.

Some days I sit and wonder if life would of been better if I stayed a PSW instead of continuing on. I’m unsure about if I should take an LPN position in assisted living or even continue working at the hospital. I’m sorry this is long and probably doesn’t make sense. I just had to get my thoughts out.


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Hi There

It's rough starting out, its been over a decade and I remember like it was yesterday, I was over an hour late each day for weeks. I felt defeated and didn't want to go back but I did each day, and I had nothing but questions, don't give up, this is the year you will learn, and after about a year then make the decision to transfer to assisted living. you got this!!