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Any advice on starting out on a medsurg floor? I start orientation in two weeks!! Any tips will be appreciated


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Make sure you ask questions. Other nurses will typically not trust you if you aren't asking questions. There are many things you can't possibly know till you start working and other nurses understand that. Most nurses love to help!

Find a few nurses who are good resources and people you can rely on. When I first started, I had a nurse who had me come talk to her before I'd call the doc. We would go over every possible way to solve the problem before I'd call. That way I wouldn't make any unnecessary calls and wind up getting yelled at. Very helpful! Although I remember one time I felt particularly brilliant for noticing a patient didn't have any colace ordered post-op and I figured I'd call the hospitalist...I worked nights and it was 2am. TRUST not call about stool softeners in the middle of the night. I would have been mad at me too if I was that doc hahaha. If I ever need a dose of humility, I go back to that memory (and praise the Lord I've become a more prudent nurse since then).

Ask other nurses how they set up their report sheets and then pick and choose how you want to set up your own. It's helpful to see other examples.

I arrive 20 minutes before report to look my patients up and get an idea of their most recent labs/medications they are on. Then I'm prepared to ask questions in report if needed.

Take advantage of every opportunity to start IVs and work on lab draws. That is an invaluable skill. Don't be afraid of it.

You don't necessarily need to make your own mistakes to learn. Learn from others mistakes or situations as well! That will make up a huge part of your knowledge base!

Med/surg can become somewhat routine once you get the hang of it. You will feel comfortable and look forward to new situations to learn from. It's a great place to become a strong nurse! Good luck!


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I have just finished my first week of orientation. Take a quick pharm test, practice your weak areas. If you are going to monitor EKGs review that. We were tested on pharm on tele. First week was about going over policy, and protocols.