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New nurse

Anyone have any tips on controlling nerves the past few nights have been horrible and I've had to fight back years more than once. If I just bear down a knock out the work in front of me I do ok but still have point where I want to tear up. I just graduated in May and started my first nursing position on a cardiac floor. Any advice will be taken to heart and ease don't make gun of me because I said I was almost in tears.

CardiacKittyRN specializes in Cardiac.

Hello! Sorry to hear your getting so upset at work! What exactly makes you want to cry? I'm a new nurse too.. I started march 1, 2014 on a cardiac progressive unit. I know how challenging it can be and that there is just SO much to learn.. How many pts do you take? What are you struggling with? Maybe I can help?

We are at usually at 5 puts per nurse this includes open hearts after 24 hours post op, carotid, cardiac stents right after surgery, ablations, and some other intense Pts we also do a lot of cardiac drips but no pressors


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