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I'm a new nurse just starting out in long term care and I feel like I'm pretty slow with assessments. Just finished school last December and have had orientation to 4 evening shifts and 3 morning shifts on 2 units. I have had 4 evening shifts and 5 morning shifts on my own. In 3 of the 4 evening shifts I had 1 resident fall and this was during a respiratory outbreak. How long did it take for you to get your assessments and routine down? I just feel like my shifts arent going as smoothly as I would like them to.

Was it the same resident that fell all 3 times? And you mean that they were having respiratory difficulties?

If so my recommendation would be to check on that resident as frequently as possible. Make sure their O2 is on, check spO2 and also ask them how their doing. Also remind your CNA to peak in at them frequently and let you know if there's any issues.

As for when do you will get comfortable? I always tell people I orientate to give it 90 days. The first 90 days will be rough and you may go home crying. But you will catch on.

After 90 days I'm not saying it gets perfect. But by then you will get into a routine and be familiar with the doctors and policies and families and everything else. I would say I started to really feel confident in myself around 6 months.

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Thanks for your reply! No, on those shifts, 3 different residents fell. There was an influenza outbreak at the time so all the residents were receiving tamiflu as a precaution. There were no residents on my side who were on isolation.

I agree with LTC_LPN. I usually advise people to give it 6 months, unless the place is a complete nightmare. It sounds like you are getting your bearings. Each shift gets a little better.