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Hey Everyone,

I'm a relatively new nurse and I just started the process of getting hired for a pediatric immunization clinic. Let me start by saying two things. First, I just had a horrible experience in long term care that has left me feeling hopeless and incompetent. It was the classic scenario of a horrible nurse to patient ratio and even worse management. I had a really hard time keeping up with everything. I eventually had to throw in the towel because I recognized that the place was a risk to its residents and my license. I just resigned yesterday. Second, my only experience with peds was when I worked in a summer camp last year. All of the kids who got shots self-administered under my supervision. I know it seems stupid to apply for a job for which I have no experience but the truth is I really don't have any experience in anything. However, I am so willing to learn and up for a challenge. So, my question is this: What advise do you more experienced pediatric nurses have for someone starting out in this type of clinic? Are there any really good resources that I can start studying?

Thanks in advance for any guidance that you all can offer!

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Good luck in your application process. I'd brush up on recommended IM injection sites for each age group, as well as maximum volumes for each site.

Review stages of development and how best to communicate with each age group. For toddlers, distraction usually works best. For school age children, explaining in simple language before each step is helpful, and allow choices when they have them.

Also, listen to the parents. They know their children the best.

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Obviously brush up on the immunization schedule. You can print out one from the cdc along with the catch up schedule. Know developmental milestones and ages. Review IM and sub q techniques and sites.