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Hi All,

I am a new LPN ( well sort of, got my license in Dec. 08). I was hired in May at a local hospital, which is a miracle since most here do not seem to hire LPN's, but anyway, I will be in the float pool. Right now I am on the medical floor with a preceptor , another LPN with 25 years nursing exp., for the next 6 weeks. Last week was my first week with her or in other words I have had 5 days with her.

My question is ......... how or what is the best way to learn the routine of the floor. I feel very overwhelemed right now, it seems like so much to remember, the charting, the sigining off of orders, I seem to forget those things, well except the charting but that is time consuming as I am learning their system. Some days I think I can't do this some days I think yes I can and that is usually all within the same day I feel like this. It especially makes me feel overwhelemed since I will be in the float pool and will be on different floors where the routines will be different.I guess the rountine of the floor will pretty much be standard right???? I worry about little things that may come up that I have never seen before and how will I correct it or what should I do if I can't trouble shoot the problem snf get no help from the other nurses.

I was thinking of getting a PDA , any one use one?? Any ideas or advice on how to make things more time managable will be appreciated. I read the posts and see others feel the same as I and it does help. The person who hired me is very nice and she said we would talk and see how things were going midway, plus she wants me to journal, anyone heard of this before????? I guess if I felt I needed more orientation she would let me have it. She is giving me a chance to work there, as she told me she usually does not hire new grads in the float pool. I really appreicate the chance and do not want to disappoint but I also know I am the guinea pig so I feel pressure to do extra well so she will hire other LPNs.

All advice appreicated.

Thank you.

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