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I have been a nurse for just about 5 months now. In school I found a love for ICU. I loved the critical setting, Straight out of school I accepted a position at an 6 bed ICU at a local hospital that I did clinicals at. During orientation I asked many questions and was starting to get familiar with the unit and what was expected of me my supervisor has been the main one helping me. He pushes me and has me take pt he knows are difficult so I can learn. Which I have greatly appreciated. I try and learn with every opportunity given to me. My current issue is, I have a coworker who also gives me constructive criticism but no follow up on how to improve. Things she has mentioned is:

1. I need to think faster, right now my brain moves so slow she can see the thought bubbles. It's not that I come to the wrong conclusion I just get there slower than her.

2. I need to stop questioning myself and verifying my thoughts and just do it. I worry not asking those questions that I could make a mistake and hurt someone, so what should I do instead?

3. On normal pts on med surg I can get an IV but the ICU ones I'm struggling with and she comments on that regularly.

I'm worried that my lack of experience is bothering her and with her being the other ICU nurse on shift, I also worry that I'm not being a good team member. Any tips on how I can improve so I can be a better nurse?

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