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Hi everyone,

I have the privilege, and the difficulty, of being in a situation where I may be choosing between two jobs. I am a new graduate nurse and have finally landed interviews and received job offers. I have a fairly extensive research background but I also have a lot of hospital experience.

I was offered a great position at an inpatient research company that has great day shift hours, fantastic pay, and no holidays or weekends. However, I was also offered a position in a hospital that is level 1 trauma center, in the trauma surgery center. I had clinical in a trauma center in nursing school so I know I would like this job as well. It is three 12s a week and includes weekends and holidays, along with day shift and night shift. The pay is less than the research job as well.

I like both jobs but am possibly leaning more toward the research job. My big concern you think I would lose my nursing skills if I jump into research immediately? This job is inpatient, so I would still be administering study drugs, doing lab draws, ECGs, IVs, etc. along with interacting with the patient to enroll them and complete the study.

And, if I did do the research job, do you think I would be able to get back into the hospital in the future if that is what I want?

As a new grad, I just feel so confused about what I actually want.

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide. I realize I am incredibly lucky to be in this situation but I am just not sure what is best for me and my career.

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