New to nights


Hello everyone,

As a newly licensed nurse (passed NCLEX on 1/04/12) I've been looking for that first crucial nursing position. I've applied at about 15 places, did the callbacks, and so far only one place has a potential opening, and it's a a LTC/Rehab. Thing is, its on the night shift. I've never worked a night shift before (except a few years ago when I worked at the same facility as a CNA and would do doubles from PM shift) and for the last two and a half years I've worked day shift (12 hr) at the main hospital in town. I'm also going to school at JC finishing prereq's for an RN program. Should I take the noc position if I am offered? The DSD said he would look at my application and give me a call back. Maybe it would be better to take some time off from school to get the nursing experience I so badly need. I'm just worried I won't be able to make it, working nights, going to school, and working at least 1 day per week at the hospital. Any advice or encouragement will be greatly appreciated.