NEW and NEED help!! ADN or BSN? Queensborough/BMCC/Adelphi/Pace


My background:

Associates in Accounting - Queensborough Community College

Bachelors in Accounting - Baruch College

Work Experience - about 5 years in Acctg (not happy) (currently working full-time)

I want to change my career to nursing. I'm just not sure whether I should go for an Associates or Bachelors.

NOTE: If I go for the Associates...I still plan to go for the Bachelors degree afterwards (so no matter what...i plan to have my Bachelors eventually) I just don't know if I should go into ADN then BSN or straight into BSN

PLEASE HELP. This is what I've gathered so far:


If I go for the Associates...I'm thinking of returning to Queensborough or going to BMCC

If I go for the Bachelors...I'm thinking of either Adelphi or Pace


It would take me about the same time to get the Associates and the Bachelors being that I don't have the pre-reqs of Biology or Chemistry or Micro

Queensborough or BMCC - 2 years (actually, add another semester for a pre-req)

Adelphi - They said if you have the pre-reqs=2.5 years. If not, 3 years. (They no longer offer the accelerated program)

Pace - Has an accelerated program in NYC which can be done in 1 year (full time), however, you need to have all your pre-reqs before beginning the program. So add another year for the pre-reqs. (note: this program is offered in NYC for those who start in Fall and in Pleasantville for those who start in Spring...I want to be in NYC)


Queensborough or BMCC - $1,400 full time per semester (4 or 5 semesters plus books total exp would be -> roughly $10K)

Adelphi - $26K a year (2.5 years plus books total exp would be -> roughly 70K or 3 years -> $80K)

Pace - $46.5K for the accelerated program (scheduled to increase later this year...probably to 48/50K - does not include books) add about $2/3K for the pre-reqs I need to take to get into the program which I would take at a community college


I would like to start nursing next year 2010 (I need to stay at my current job for this year) but figure I should start taking the pre-reqs this summer.

What I've picked up so far:

From reading MANY forums and sites this is what I've gathered...

There really isn't much difference in salary between an ADN and BSN (at least immediate and short-term)

ADN students get more clinical exposure than BSN students

If you plan to eventually have a managerial need/should have a BSN degree

The passing rate for the RN test is much higher in those with an ADN than those with BSN

Those with BSN have more doors opened for them and opportunities to advance


Now with my background and all this said...What should I do?

Should I go for the ADN first or just jump into the BSN degree?

If I go for the BSN...should I go to Pace or Adelphi? Which is better?

Will I have a problem getting a job with an ABN degree when I'm done? How do you think things will be 3 years from now?....(2012 will probably be when I'm done with the test and looking for a job as a RN)

I heard that more and more places are requiring a BSN this true?

Do most hospitals in NY & Long Island (Nassau) pay for tuition? (let's say I get the ADN and go for the BSN while working)...what is the average amount they would cover? (50%/75%/100%)

How long would it take for me to get the BSN degree once I've taken and passed the RN test?



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Here's my experience. 2 years ago I applied to both ADN and BSN programs and the ADN program was the first to give me an acceptance letter. So, that's what I went with first. I'm finished with school, passed my NCLEX exam and accepted a nursing position. There has been alot of rumors about ADNs not being able to find jobs. I find that to be not true at all, several of my classmates have landed jobs a few weeks out of school. I don't regret for one moment going through the ADN plus I saved ALOT of money. I figure I can work on getting my BSN while working as a nurse. And most hospitals will pay for you to go back and get the BSN or even Masters if you wish to really go on. Hope this helps a little. Good luck to you! =)

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