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New Mount Royal University RN student.

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(I thought I was on the Canada page, sorry.)

Hello everyone!

I'm 29, male (if it matters? If it does, how so?) and will be accepted into Mount Royal University's Nursing program for Fall 2018. I'd have been in this year but they calculate their competitive average wayyyy to soon. I have a 93 in Bio30 and a 94 in Chem30 so that puts me at a perfect 93.5%. As I mentioned, they calculated their CA way too soon, so I've had to find a loophole (provided by them, thankfully) so I don't waste a whole year waiting to gain acceptance into the program. Currently, the CA is a 93.5% and who knows what 2018's CA will be, so it's better to just get in and do what I can. I didn't graduate when I was in high school so these last few years I've worked hard to achieve my diploma and the marks required to get into Nursing!

The loophole MRU provides is the Unviersity Entrance Option, or UEO for short. If you have the CA of the previous year, they freeze that CA for you and allow you to take GNED's and some cores of Nursing. Currently, they only have one available which is unfortunate. I'm only allowed to take 3 classes a semester in order for them to look at my High school average vs them looking at a post secondary AGPA which is more than likely over a 3.92. That's absurd.

Now that my background is completed, I'd like to request some more information on how the program works. I've selected MRU because of how hands on they are right off the bat. I don't want to just learn theory because you end up missing the practice. I'm going to finish the program as quick as possible and that includes spring semesters. I don't know how it works entirely, but from what I know I can take a max of 3 semesters a year, and not 4. Spring and Summer just aren't long enough, or something. I'm new, as mentioned and this is my first time in post-secondary. I'm old and I want some semblance of an independent life that doesn't involve living with my parents. They've been super kind and helpful while I've been upgrading and have allowed me to proceed at no cost so because of their kindness (or pity) I have the luxury of attending full time full time and not just the fall -> winter. If there's any information at all that can be provided regarding fast tracking at MRU's BN program, please, inform me!

My advisors are for UEO only and don't have much information to help me out. Nursing advisors won't speak to me until I get 'official' confirmation, nor will they unrestrict a core class for me for winter 2018 and allow me to have full time status. I'll need to have a pointless filler class that'll be a waste of time, money and resource. Maybe there is a class someone can recommend, because unfortunately again, my UEO advisor is basically useless and cannot help.

I'd also plead for some info regarding how the class structure is set up in order to get through the classes properly and efficiently. Again, the Nursing faculty won't share anything with me. I'm the type of student to want / need to see into the future (at least now I am) so I can plan accordingly.

How do clinicals work? You have a theory class, then a lab that is technically clinical (from what I've read) and then your prof assigns you specific times and a place? Do those places dynamic, or static? I'd prefer static because having to go to a bunch of places often could really take away from free time that is used to complete work.

How about A&P 1? What about A&P 2? What do the labs consist of?

I'm focused on not being in a career setting where if I make a mistake I could end up killing someone. I'm looking for something a little more stress free. I've aligned myself with wound specialist or something surgical in the subject of Arthro / ortho. I honestly don't know a darn thing and I'm really struggling to find answers so I can understand and pick the best options for my interests / skills / strengths.

I have so many thoughts and they're scattered. I'm disorganized at trying to ask all of the right questions, I force myself to not think of all of the questions.

Please, if you have the time, just write your experiences along with whatever answers to the questions of mine you have experience in. It's a bit overwhelming for me and I'll just take any bit of information I can so that I can strengthen and prepare myself before I begin actual NURS classes.

Since I'm new to AN.com, I've noticed a section for the NCLEX. I'll read up on it and see if I can't start preparing for it now. If I do prepare, is that even a good idea, or should I wait until a specific period of time into my degree?

To finish off: I was a very ****** student in high school. I know now that I cannot be that way. Readings are extremely important and I understand this. Procrastination is a Nurses worst enemy because you're only playing yourself for a fool and destroying your possible success. Do not procrastinate. I have aspirations that extend farther past an RN, especially for my late career. I'm interested in an NPrac / NPD and I know I need to have an extensive knowledge, outstanding GPA and a great portfolio to back me up, along with more than likely, a great NCLEX score.

Thank you in advance. I hope someone(s) have the extra time to offer word of their experiences and knowledge. I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you,


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