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  1. Hi - I'm a nursing student at NMSU graduating in August and I'm wondering if anyone out there currently works (or has worked) at either MMC or Mountain View. I'm looking for info. on starting salaries, new GN programs, adequacy of preceptors, staffing ratios, etc. I'd really appreciate any info. you guys have to give!
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  3. by   Barbq
    I have worked at MMC three different times and found the patient to staff ratios to be grossly inadequate and unsafe.......didn't use to be so bad but with the finacial cut backs, and staff shortage...well working nights was not so bad as it was less hectic....good luck
  4. by   AmandaBrittainy
    I have worked at both hospitals and both are understaffed, however I felt that Memorial was the better choice. Mountain View and Memorial's pay does not seem to be competetive with each other, neither do the benefits or the staffing ratios. Mountain Views retention is much less than MMCs.
    Many nurses who chose to go to MVRMC are back at MMC. Mountain View has been in my experience a very unprofessional work environment, people have been fired for the most miniscule things yet those who face sexual harassment allegations continue to work or they find a passive agressive way to punish all staff do deter anyone else from taking up thier time by complaining. If you dare to complain about anything or anyones unsafe nursing care, all they do is tell that person you complained about them so you later face a hostile employee who has not been told to stop delegating nursing care to CNAs or whatever it was.
    When I worked at Memorial, yes I was busy and we were understaffed but when there was a genuine problem, it was fixed and nurses opinions were
    respected and we got to at least make a few decisions about our work environment. It is hard and both hopitals are always changing and many people will tell you different opinions, the best way is work at one initially and maybe PRN at the other and find out what you like best, I do that still and my opinion remains the same of the two, however they both have thier good and bad points but right now MMC is administratively much more stable and has the majority of the business of health care consumers in Las Cruces. Mountain View is not faring so well after all the bridges they have burnt with people.
  5. by   Barbq
    I my self have never worked at MVRMC...the bottom line is that there are big issues with health care and nursing shortages here in the US. It is all about supply and demand..we cannot meet the demand and that is where the staffing ratios get out of wack. Additionally, they do not staff on accuity but rather on least at MMC. Anyway you look at it-it is tough. BUT so very rewarding! The actual staff at MMC is awesome for the most part. At least on Tele. It is interesting to me to hear that about MV....who would have thought. I personally know alot of staff that works there....never heard about all that. Well, at any rate good luck.
  6. by   BebobthefrogFNP
    I'm a senior nursing student and will graduate in May 2008. I have only had clinicals at MVRMC and MMC. I personally preferred to have clinicals at MVRMC because the nurses and CNAs were much more helpful and glad to help than at MMC. Good luck on your last semester!
  7. by   AngelFireSkier
    Thanks for the replies guys! I've only had clinicals at MMC so I have nothing to compare it with. It was fine, but the staffing on med-surg floors seemed a little high. It also seems like the pay in this region is below that of the rest of New Mexico. I might check out some hospitals in El Paso, but it would be a long drive on top of an already long shift.