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  1. Hello all! I am new to posting to the forum, and I have read around a bit. I have a question about UNM's CON admissions. A brief overview of me.... I am 24, have a BS in Statistics, I have a decent cumulative GPA of 3.75, still need to take alot of pre-req courses (A&P I, II, Micro, Pharm, Patho, etc), starting to take them this Spring 09, and aspiring to do well in them. I am a NM resident, but have no medical experience to speak of, but I am hoping to start volunteering next semester.

    I am aware of the accelerated BSN program but I would prefer to attempt the Basic Entry because they accept 32 students each semester, as opposed to 8. I don't mind taking the extra classes.. I understand the "Admission Criteria" as far as 30% GPA, 30% pre-req GPA, 10% resident, and 30% essay. But after speaking with an advisor and reading the forums, I'm starting to wonder exactly what is considered competitive.

    For instance, is medical experience really important?? What GPA is considered competive? Is there an interview (I've heard some mention it and others not)? How important are your letters of rec?? Can you re-apply every semester? Is it 'normal' to have to apply more than once?? Do they prefer to admit students who have taken more of the pre-req science courses rather than less, by the time of application (seeing as how you can technically apply after taking 16 credit hours out of the 27 science hours required, do they prefer to accept people who have taken all of them by time of application)??

    I am sharing these concerns with my advisor, but I was wondering if there any UNM CON students/hopefuls who wouldn't mind sharing their experience, and what they feel helped them (or anyone they know) gain/be denied for admission and what I could do to bolster my chances??

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   PsychiatricNP
    I think that Medic09 posted a great response to someone a couple of weeks ago asking a pretty similar question here on the New Mexico forum. UNM's BSN program is competitive; both the traditional and accelerated. It is my understanding that there are about 100-150 applicants each cycle for the 8 spots in the accelerated program and 150-200 applicants each cycle for the traditional program. There are 3 cycles (Fall, Spring, Summer) per year. It is very common that an applicant applies several times before they are accepted to the BSN program. I have friends who have applied 3 or 4 times in the past and still have not been accepted. It can go either way.

    I was very furtunate in that I was accepted to the accelerated program on my first try. I am not sure what it was about me that made me competitive enough to accept. I have a bachelors and masters degree with pretty good GPAs. I took a couple of extra science courses, but mainly stuck with the required science courses and did well in them. I am a native New Mexican with ties to the area and a desire to stay in the state, which from my understanding is relatively helpful in the process. I also had a few years of various types of medical experience, none of which were as a CNA/PCT. I think most of all, I had contacted the advisors in the CON for guidance along the way with regard to my application.

    Your best bet is to work with an advisor in the College of Nursing - they are all very helpful and will give you all of the information you need to make your application as competitive as possible. I hope this information gives you a little more information to work with. UNM strives to have a diverse student body. Try your hardest and apply - see what happens - you certainly won't get accepted if you don't apply Good luck and feel free to ask specific questions as you go through the process!
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    Thanks! Yeah, I did run across that thread. I feel like I am nowhere near as qualified as Medic or yourself, as I said I lack the medical experience and the Masters (wow!). But this is helpful as I'll know a little better what to expect. My boyfriend is hoping to apply at the same time - he's been a respiratory therapist for a couple years.. I guess it depends on who else applys with you, too.

    I was hoping that there were some folks out there who maybe got accepted just on volunteer work and good academic qualifications???! Nonetheless, I will trudge on, and hope for the best! Thanks!
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  5. by   Medic09
    Steff, your qualifications sound pretty good! Please consider the second degree option. WHY spend almost 4 years (and pay for it!) when you can be done in 16 months. I don't think medical experience is very important when compared to other factors.

    Like nmnursingstudent and I have said, hook up with an advisor. Ann Marie kept me sane during the application process, and made sure all my ducks were lined up. Ask the advisor what they think you should apply for. Despite the criteria, there is a certain element of subjectivity and luck to these things.

    Go for it, and good luck!
  6. by   DarthSteffy
    Thanks Medic Yeah, I thought about that .. but 8 students a semester really freaks me out. The only difference between the two programs is that for the Basic, I need: A&P I and II, Micro, Patho I and II, Pharm, Nurs224 and Nutr 244, whereas for the accelerated I'll just need 3 of the science courses completed before I can apply. So it's just a difference of 5 classes... I may apply for the Accelerated as soon as I finish the 9 science hours and if I can't get in that way, continue taking the pre-req's I mentioned above and then apply for the Basic the next semester.

    Also, Ann Marie was saying they are in the process of trying to change the Accelerated pre-req's to include Patho I and II, and Pharmacology as well, which would only make the difference between programs only two classes for those of us who satisfy all the other Core requirements like English and Psychology, etc.. And she highly recommended these courses anyway, because she said she feels they are very important.

    This is all very overwhelming. I don't care about an extra semester or two.. I just want to get in!!