Opinions of Lea Regional Medical Center.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am interested in learning more about Lea Regional Medical Center in Hobbs, NM and would like some opinions from people who are working there or have worked there before. How are the staff and managers? What is the typical nurse to patient ratio? Are they new grad friendly? Any opinions would be a great help to me. Thank you!
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  3. by   goldennugget
    I started as a new grad there and got the very best experience in nursing. I can do almost anything now. I did have to work hard, but the people made it fun and enjoyable. Hobbs is a tough town, but LRH is great.
  4. by   gragra1124
    I starting nursing 10 years ago. I worked on telemetry, icu, pacu, med/surg, perioperative and circulator for ambulatory settings. I worked in 3 states and have traveling nurse experience as well. I started working at Lea Regional a couple of months ago. I am so disappointed. It is a small hospital and I thought it would be team oriented and friendly based. Just the opposite is true. I have a two year contract and can not wait to leave. Two other newly relocated employees are counting down their committed days as well. Hope your experience will be better.
  5. by   goldennugget
    First I wonder where you are from? It is definitly a shell shock enviornment if you weren't prepared for the community. How long have you been there? What area of the hospital are you working. I made the best friends there, maybe I can direct you to some great people which might make your time better. Especially if you have 2 years left on your contract? I still visit often there.
    Life is to short to be miserable. Friends can always make it better.
  6. by   Lupan
    I worked at LRH for 1.5 years and went back for another 10 months. There are some GREAT nurses there that can show and teach you things from years of experience. However there are a number of problems there too! LRH is a very, very "click" driven hospital. On 3rd there is the "A" team and they openly brag about giving other nurses hell that they don't care for. Several of the House Supervisors have or are involved with nursing agencies and this creates conflicts. Staff gets called off so agency can work, etc. I have known many of the old "core" nurses for years and many agree with me. As a male nurse I must warn you that LRH is getting a bad rep for treatment of male nurses. Several of my male nursing friends have shared like experiences of out and out sexual haressment. I heard a comment from one of the CNAs to an LPN and house super "eye candy only please" when it can to preference of wanting to work with either male or female nurses. I worked both day and night shifts in all parts of the hospital and found this everywhere. One CNA in TCU bragged about getting rid of "ugly" male nurses!! Attempts to report this to my primary supervisor went unanswered for 3 months and when I turned in my notice than she decided to speak with me. Another "ugly" male nurse gone. 4 male nurses left in 3 months for almost the same reasons. LRH has some great people but the few are spoiling the place. By the way many of my co-workers consider me easy to work with and dependable. That is off of my current evaluation at the facility I currently work at.:wink2: