Nurse with 30 years experience moving to Alburquerque

  1. Hello everyone,

    My husband and I are considering a move to Albuquerque. We have some family in the area so we have been able to gather some basic information on the city, however, they are no help in the job market.

    I am currently an OR Nurse (17 yrs exp) with a total of 30 yrs exp as an RN. I have done some basic research on the hospitals in the area and this forum has been very helpful but I was hoping that someone might be able to give me an idea of what I can expect from the staff/administration/salary.

    I would prefer to stay with the OR as I love it and my current position is at a level one trauma center. Any suggestions on which hospital would be a good fit. Anyone have an opinion of West Mesa Medical Center? I'd be happy to provide you with any other information that may help.

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  3. by   redraccoon
    West Mesa is a nice hospital but is currently going through a re-vamp. I think they are going to specialize mostly in womens health.

    Stay away from Lovelace - used to be a good hospital but is a nasty working environment right now due to a fairly recent takeover by Ardent. They are all about profit - who cares about patients (and even less about staff)

    Presbyterian downtown is another not so great. Northeast Heights is ok, but management is questionable as they are trying to transition from being "St.Joes" to being part of a larger medical system.

    I have heard the university hospital is a good place to work too - especially the OR where they see tons of different types of cases. I believe they are also the only level 1 trauma hospital in the city (and probably the state)

    Just one note... pay in Alb isn't that great compared to other "large" cities. But it is a cool place to live.
  4. by   CAORNurse
    Thanks for the info, it is very helpful.
  5. by   rpbear
    Just curious, what is wrong with presbyterian? I work there and I love it. It is going through lots of physical changes due to remodeling, but is a great place to work with great benefits and pay is comparable to everywhere else.

    I agree to tsty away form the lovelace, ABQ medical center (formerly st. joes), womens hosptial and west mesa hostital. All of them have recently (about 1 year ago) been bought out by Ardent and have been merged into one system. They are still going through some changes and growing pains.

    I have a friend who workes for UNM, she likes it but she is upset that they are taking away some of the benefits like double time for extra shifts. UNM is the only level one trauma center here. They are a teaching hospital and I think would be similar to where you currently work.

    Godd luck!