NM NICUs-info please!!!

  1. Hi New Mexico nurses! I am a pre-nursing student (and New Mexican.) It is my dream to work in NICU. :heartbeat

    Where are there NICUs in Santa Fe and Albuquerque?
    Is it difficult to get a position in a NICU?
    Any advice on how to get from where I am to where I want to be?

    I can't help but feel it will be difficult to get a NICU job because so many people probably want to do it!

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  3. by   NurseKymba
    There are 3 NICUs in Albuquerque: Presbyterian Hospital, Women's Hospital, University Hospital. Each of these facilities has their own challenges and greatness'. If you don't have any prior NICU experience (tech or whatever) it might be a little harder to get in. UNMH has a new grad residency program that's great, but hard to get a spot in. Pres and Women's will hire new grads with a good school record and who interview well. But be prepared to have to work hard to get the knowledge you need to manage your assignment of sick premies

    Depending on where you are now, and what you are looking for, I hope this helps a little bit. Sorry your question wasn't answered sooner.

  4. by   Medic09
    Just to clarify NMSANE's answer, the ONLY NICUs in NM are the three in ABQ. Any baby in the state who needs NICU gets sent to ABQ (often flown) or out of state.