Moving from eastern NM to ABQ area

  1. I am relocating from eastern NM to the ABQ area this summer and am starting to research my opportunities. I currently work for one of the larger hospital and can always transfer but now that I have several other options available I would like to make a informed choice.

    I am looking for information regarding salary with 3 years of experience and benefit comparisons as well as learning opportunities. Not to mention culture and environment.

    Anyone have information on Lovelace? How about the VA? What about Pres? UNM Medical anyone? What about other nursing opportunities...anyone work for BC/BS or know someone who does and might have information. What about any other nursing opportunites?

    Thanks for the information in advance.
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  3. by   BIGBRO71
    I don't know ABQ. I'm starting as Per Diem in Santa Fe (St. Vincent Hosp), $30/h no benefits. Lovelace didn't offer anything good. Presbytherian wanted me to sign as full time and UNM never answered my application.
  4. by   jjnRN
    I don't have actual experience working in any of the hospitals here but have been to many of them! I have also talked with many people who work for them and here is the here say...

    UNM - public hospital (teaching) - very good and has trauma unit
    Pres - private hospital - very good and well organized
    Lovelace - private as well - very disorganized not highly talked of

    Hope this helps.