Apollo vs. Pima

  1. I was recently laid off from the computer manufacturing industry. I've been taking pre-reqs for nursing for over a year and this lay off will allow me to pursue it more aggressively. I'd love to go to CNM, but the waiting list is out to 2.5 years now. Ours is a single income family and our children are home-schooled, so I have to get this show on the road.

    My concern is with the quality of the Apollo program. They've been kind of wishy-washy with me over some important details. For instance they originally told me that they would not accept my algebra class because it was over ten years old. Now they say they'll be happy to accept it. First the admission was based on GPA, then it was test scores, then it was a combination of both but they were unsure of the weights, and now it is first come-first served for all those who qualify. I want to make sure that this kind of thing is limited to the non-academic side of things.

    I've also heard rumors that some students in clinicals with Apollo were not as well prepared as perhaps they should be. I need to make it clear that I am not saying that this is so because it is second-hand information. I definitely don't want to bash a school I've never attended. I'm just trying to research things because I want to hit the ground running when I graduate. I absolutely do not want to make a mistake because of a gap in my education.

    I'd like to hear from actual students in the program or nurses who've worked with Apollo students in clinicals. If anyone is uncomfortable replying, perhaps they can PM me. I would appreciate that immensely because I really only have one shot to get this right. There is a PIMA program which is more expensive, but the teacher to student ratios are appealing (16:1 vs 30:1 at Apollo). And PIMA starts only 2 classes per year vs. 3 at Apollo. PIMA also has a proven track record in Mesa, AZ. Still, they are just starting here and Apollo is graduating it's first class here this August if I'm not mistaken.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. And once again. I'm certainly not trying to paint Apollo or its students in a negative way. I'm just repeating what I've heard and observed and asking for first-hand opinions and facts.

    Thanks and Regards!
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  3. by   VIXEN007
    I am happily enrolled in Pima's ADN program. I considered the second degree BSN program at UNM and the programs at Apollo and CNM. I was not willing to wait 2-3 years to petition for acceptance.
    There is a strong emphasis on clinical competency and critical thinking. I plan to pursue advanced degrees after I graduate. I think that having a degree and understanding how to think critically, manage your time and be self motivated are important at Pima.
    I also found that when I asked questions at Apollo, I never got a straight response. I was attracted to Apollo because of their evening program. Bottom line, I believe that I made a good decision. Do your research and consider all of your options.
  4. by   malenurse08
    Well I must say, I am a current student at Apollo and will be grad. soon. There seems to be a big dislike of Apollo Nursing on here, and I dont know why? Yes the school is new and needs to work out some kinks, but other schools that have been here for a while have problems too! As for the students not being up to par, I will put my skills against anyone that questions them. Yes there are some weak people in the program, but there are weak ones in all programs and if you say there arent any you must not be noticing, i do. I have helped many UMN students in the clinical setting, and if you ask me I think some of these 4 yr programs are pumping out some questionable skill sets.

    As for the price yes it is alot, and yes some of the staff and other students in other programs are well.....interesting! But once again all schools have these people.

    So please stop the bashing!! If you have any questions or need to challenge my skills, lol let me know!