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I wish I had the time to read up on everything new that was being researched and had positive reviews. So does anyone have a something they are eager to see in action? Hoping gets approved by the FDA?

I'm personally excited by VNS. It's the Vagus Nerve Stimulation and has actually been around for a while -- two or three years maybe? -- but I've seen a real boom lately of patients inquiring about it. The implant is mostly used for epileptics and has about a 50% success rate (depending on whose study you read). Of those it is successful for, it can cut down on seizures by over 60%. For some of the patients I see who have multiple seizures every day, this is a total godsend.

And now I've read that it's being shown to help those with depression as well. I don't think it's FDA approved for depression but I'm very eager to see if it will be soon.


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ArtAssist Device for people with decreased blood flow to feet. Works astoundingly well in the one patient I've seen...

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