new med to help with milk production?

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I had a patient in clinical who we referred to the lactation consultant because she had a problem with milk production wtih her first child and was worried about milk production with her new infant. My preceptor was telling her that there is a new med out to help stimulate milk production. Later, I asked her what that med was, and she couldn't remember what the name of the med was.

Any of you know what new med she could be talking about? I am incredibly curious about this, and want to do a google search to learn more about it. Thanks in advance guys!:kiss


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I've been "out of the loop" for almost 3 years, but I remember some of the mothers of our preemies being prescribed Reglan (Metoclopramide) by their OB-GYN doctors to help increase their milk supply. Sometimes it worked.

I searched the internet a bit and found a mention of a new drug I'm not familiar with called Motilium (Domperidone) which is approved for use as an anti-emetic (it's a dopaminergic blocking agent) that has been mentioned as being helpful in assisting mothers to increase their milk supply.

Check out these links:

I noticed both of the articles on the drug were written by Jack Newman, MD... one dated 2000, the other dated 2003.

One of the links mentions some herbs that can be helpful. We sometimes had OB-GYNs who were reluctant to prescribe medications to moms for increasing their milk supply, even though they had tried everything first. (We considered those OBs as old dinosaurs living and practicing medicine from the dark ages...LOL). I've known some women for whom the herb fernugreek worked quite well.

I hope someone else will answer your post because I'd love to know about any new drugs which can be helpful in this situation. Of course we know how important it is to try all the other non-pharmaceutical ways to increase milk supply first... Some moms wanted to take a pill first instead doing all the other time consuming hard work that comes with implementing the non-pharmaceutical interventions. Sometimes it's difficult for them to do the work involved to overcome their depression and/or anxiety of having a preemie in the hospital, their lack of sleep, having to return to work, taking care of their other children, yada yada... I don't blame them a bit!

Thanks for sharing your insight!

Looking forward to hearing from other posters on this subject!


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Motillium and Maxolon are often prescribed to increase prolactin level in the NICU where I work.

We also Advicate fennel seed tea and Fernugreek as stimulators of milk production......all have been proven to work.....but the best thing is to express after a feed, and get up in the night and express. Many new mums prefer to sleep and have the Bub bottled overnight in the nursery....who wouldn't !

Breast feeding takes time to establish and society has made mothers anxious about milk volume and neglected to inform them of the 6weeks of work it takes to get it all together.

We have a high rate of Elderly primi in the Private system 1st bub at 38 and the hormones are just not happening as they do in your 20's so they need to work at it.


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I have a friend who had her baby in a German hospital and was given nasal oxytocin to stimulate let down. I understand that it is not available here for that purpose.

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