New LPN grad working Med/surg needs advice

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I am a new LPN grad starting to work on a med/surg floor....would like any advise I can get from seasoned nurses.....I have always believed that at least one year of med/surg experience will be very valuable to my nursing career...thanks for any direction/advice you can provide...I am 58 and excited about my new career...Irish

Congratulations on your new career Irish. I agree with you that the best place to start is on a med/surg unit, because there is endless variety. I have been working in general medical nursing in both Australia and NZ for several years, as well as teaching SENs (our equivalent of LPNs) both in the classroom and on the floor, and believe you have a lot to offer in the med/surg unit. My advice to you would be to not get overwhelmed with the sheer variety of knowledge you may feel you are expected to know. I personally feel you never stop learning, and as long as you build on your knowledge base slowly and consistently you will reach clinical excellence! I have several times had the opportunity to move to specialised units but love the challange of general medical, as no day is never the same. Good luck and feel free to contact me for further discussion!

To Irish777,

I'm a Scots nurse qualified 7 years now and agree with Sian- never stop learning. In nursing you can never know it all and things are continuously changing. Always have the upper hand by having the most solid, research-based knowledge and take lots of time to gain the experience to have a great carreer. Good luck.

i work in a hosp on a med unit, and have learned alot. come across all different siutations. its a good learning experience to be on a med. surg unit. you will learn alot.

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