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New LPN grad with upcoming corrections interview-help!

Has 13 years experience. Specializes in OB, Occupational Health.

Hello all,

I got my LPN license in July and I've finally landed an interview for job in a state corrections facility (Ohio). I'm triply nervous as I haven't interviewed for a new job in five years, this is my first nursing interview, and the setting is a little intimidating even though I'm really interested in the job.

What can I expect? Please help! My interview is Nov 18th so I have a while to stew about this and any advice would be so greatly appreciated!


Hey- congrats on your interview! ODRC is a great place to work. We really do have great healthcare.

You'll be interviewed in front of a panel of 3-5 people. They'll ask you different types of questions.

How do you feel about providing care for inmates who are rapists, prey on children, etc.?

You have a patient who may have diabetes. What types of things would you look for?

A porter asks you to mail a letter. How do you respond?

An inmate comes into the clinic and states he has ingested an unknown substance. What are the things you would look for in his assessment?

You'll be fine. Be yourself; be confident in your answers. Dress professionally. I highly recommend getting a pants business suit. Wear stud earrings (if you wear them at all). Don't wear too many rings or necklaces. Don't wear heels- wear flats or a small, square pump. Arrive 15 minutes early.

I hope this helps, and best of luck!

Congrats on your interview! I don't know how similar it will be from Ohio to CA but I got questions on Diabetes and the 5 rights of med pass and how I felt about treating inmates. Just stay confident and don't uhhhh at the people interviewing you. The poor girl who went in front of me must have said uhh 20 times in her 10 minute interview and I could hear her in the hall! Good luck.


Has 13 years experience. Specializes in OB, Occupational Health.

Thank you both for the replies! I'm still super nervous but I feel a little better knowing what could potentially be asked. I'll let you know how it goes :)


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