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hello all!

i am a new LPN from new york- graduated late october and took/passed NCLEX december 17th.

i had an interview at a LTC facility recently, and i have a pre-employment physical scheduled on new year's eve. i am confident i will be offered the position, as the HR manager told me "i don't want you interviewing anywhere else!"

i do not know what the starting wage is - i will only ask when formally offered the job. i would be working 4 days on the 3-11 shift, but since this is a union job, i would still be considered full time and received benefits.

my question is this: i was told i would be given 5 days of orientation, but that i could ask for more if i felt i needed it. i know how this goes, since i work as a resident aide in an assisted living facility. you are scheduled with a nurse for 5 days, and then scheduled by yourself. if you need more orientation, there is a big hassle trying to call nurses in. i don't want to start a new job on a bad note.

i really feel, as a brand new nurse, i need more than 5 days of orientation. i feel it is responsible to tell the hiring manager this before i accept the job offer, that way the scheduling conflict can be avoided. i would like 2 weeks (10 days) of orientation instead of 5.

do you feel this is an acceptable request? do you think they will honor it or have second thoughts of hiring me because of my request?

thank you in advance.


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Ok, LTC is different then assisted living. There should be more nurses available to orient you. I don't think it should be a scheduling conflict in the sense you are stating.

10 days is not enough time for a proper orientation. However, if that's the most you can get, take it. You are a new graduate for crying out loud! I think you should state this up front. You should not feel ashamed to say it either. The DON should know better.

Let me just tell you this- there have been new nurses at my facility who have gotten very short orientations. Then other new nurses come and they get much longer orientation. The ones who got the crappy orientation will say "what makes her so special that she got so many orientation days". The answere-she asked for them.;) If they really want you, they will train you properly. Good luck.

edited to add-congrats on graduating!


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I would encourage you to interview at a variety of places. You may find something else that you would like better, as well as better for your career. There are a lot of potential jobs out there... don't let one comment by a recruiter make you pass them by.


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If they really want you, they will train you properly.

thanks for replying! you're right.. if they want me, they will give me two weeks of orientation right off the bat. can't wait to start my first nursing job!


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thank you steve. i have had interviews in an assisted living facility and in a very large county nursing home. i really feel that a smaller skilled facility is right for me. if i am not granted two weeks of orientation, i guess i'll apply to places similiar to this one.

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