New LPN...continuing education?


Hello, I just graduated from nursing school Feb. 7th of this year, and passed my boards March 19th so I am officially an LPN. Today I accepted a position with a pediatric home health agency and couldn't be happier because that is my dream job. Last week I signed up with college network to continue on for my RN and was wondering if anyone else has done this and has any advice? Thankfully I have all my pre-reqs done so I only have seven nursing classes. I have started and am halfway through my transition to registered nursing class, I just wanted to see what anyone else's experience has been with a program like this if you've done it. Ideally I would have done a campus program but I have two small kids so that is just not realistic.

Also, any advice for a newly licensed LPN? Since I start my job next week, I am full of stress now trying to remember every skill I've been taught.

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Check out the excelsior online nursing forum. The college network is just a publishing company for excelsior. I'm doing excelsior right now and am on my 3rd nursing test. There is a lot of great info on the forum.