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New job rant

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I started as a case manager at my job about three weeks ago. I was an LPN for about five years and just bridged to my RN. As an LPN I worked mainly in LTC and i worked for about 10 months in home care but it was all shift work and medication pre pours. After one day of computer training and not even three full days shadowing other case managers, I started getting visits on my own. "Easy" revisits and simple wound care but now I am doing 4-5 visits a day with what I feel is minimal feedback and training. All my charts were reviewed and it seems I'm doing well with that but I am struggling with the basics of homecare. What to do in certain situations I.e how to structure your day, when to contact the doctor, scheduling, communication with other case managers etc. I was asked today who my mentor was and I didn't even know I had one! I'm not sure if this is what to be expected this early on, if they are using me for unfilled visits or if maybe this setting isn't for me. The agency has gone through a huge staffing change lately and admittly said they weren't sure if they had the staff to train someone with limited homecare experience but then offered me the job and assured me I would have proper training and support, but right now I don't know if that will be the case.

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