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I had a job lined up before I finished nursing school in the ER at my local hospital which I was really excited about. I failed the NCLEX-RN the first time but passed on my second time! But now the hospital said that I had to do a Med-Surg floor for 12 weeks before I can go down to the ER to work! I want to know if this has happened to anyone else before because I do not think that it is fair since I interviewed and was hired by the nurse manager in the ER and I never wanted to do any of the Med-Surg floors! When I talked to the HR person they said it was because I failed the NCLEX the first time. I started to apply to other hospitals again that I had turned down because I was offered other ER positions but this hospital is right down the road from my house and with gas prices being so high I told the HR person that I would try the rotation. Any thoughts?


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That hasn't happened to me before, but my advice would be not to settle for less. If ER is something you really want to do, and you never wanted to do med-surg then don't do med-surg. I would speak directly to the nurse manager of the unit and see whether or not it was her decision. I wouldn't settle, I never wanted to do med-surg and I'm not. I have an hour drive to work and for now, I believe that it is worth it. Yes gas prices are up there, however, you can't let that determine what you do with your life. If you want something, then you have to sacrifice. I wouldn't settle. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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