Which nursing program? NJCU, HCCC/Christ Hospital...

  1. Hi,

    I've been lurking on this board for awhile and have just joined. I'm a career changer and am finding this process overwhelming to say the least! I prefer to earn a BSN, since I plan to go onto grad school fairly soon. Also, from what I'm reading on this board and have heard from several other nurses is that more employers are seeking BSN prepared nurses. However, I'm also reading on this board that recent nursing graduates are having a difficult time finding employment (in NYC and North Jersey) after finishing school.

    Between hearing about the difficulty of securing employment, and deciding which pre-reqs to take, since all the programs differ slightly in their requirements, I am absolutely overwhelmed!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking at NYU (first choice, also most expensive), SUNY Downstate, NJCU, Christ Hospital School of Nursing/HCCC, and Thomas Jefferson University. I've also looked at Pace, but find their website so unhelpful and difficult to navigate. They also weren't especially friendly when I called.

    Can anyone offer any info on any of these programs? Also, can you offer any info how you found a job after graduating?

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  3. by   KellRrn2b
    I dont know much about the other programs but i know christ is really good. You are pretty much guarenteed clinicals because its built into your academic plan. . Right now I am taking a class there as a non-degree student and I love it. My professors are wonderful and the classes are small so u get the attention u need. I applied for aug 09 but i wont know if i got in until mar 15 wish me luck!
  4. by   kdrose01
    Thanks! Good luck! You're taking a class at Christ Hospital? Can I ask what you're taking?
  5. by   KellRrn2b
    im taking BIO 112, which is Physiology and Anatomy. My professor is Dr. Hughes and he is wonderful
  6. by   kdrose01
    Thanks! I'm starting my science pre-reqs there this summer. GOod luck!