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Hello everyone, Can anyone please tell me what the Staff Nurse interview is like at UMDNJ Newark, particularly for a new nurse? I have conducted a search for this topic but only get information... Read More

  1. by   lapoRtaN
    Hey guys did you ever hear back from UMDNJ? I am starting to interview at a few hospitals and I wondered how long did it take from the time you interview to the time you actually get hired. Thanks for info you may have.
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    Hi, lapoRtaN. No response yet, so far it has been a week. The Nurse Manager told me that she wasn't sure when they would make a decision. From what I have heard from my friends who graduated with me, it really varies when you will hear a response. Experiences range from being hired on the spot at the end of the NM interview to getting the job three weeks from the NM interview. If the Nurse Manager does not specifically tell you, you should ask when they expect to make a decision. Best of luck!
  3. by   nursekea
    hey guys,
    I also had a job interview for a med surg position at university hospital couple of days ago. The same experience, i was interviewed by a hiring committee, it was a weird experience and i cannot really tell whether it went well or not. I am really interested in working there, love the place. What about those of you who interviewed earlier? did you hear anything from them yet? is there anyone currently working there? how is it?
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    Hello, nursekea. Sounds exactly like my experience. On the bright side, after the stress of a panel interview, hopefully other Nurse Manager interviews will seem easy in comparison.

    Were other Nurse Managers from diff units there? Maybe all you need is one of them to like you for his/her unit.

    Did they tell you when they expected to make a decision and how applicants would hear when the position was filled? It's been over a week, I don't remember if HR or the NM contacts you.

    ***********If anyone who reads this is already a hired Staff Nurse at University Hospital, please share insight on the hiring process. How long it took to hear back, who contacts you, etc. It would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. by   nursekea
    hey i am a nurse, i believe only the manager of med surg was there, and the nurse recruiter, another lady from icu was also there but i believe she is in charge of preceptorship, and two others who unfortunately i can not really remember the titles. The nurse recruiter told me that she will contact me in a week regarding the decision then i hope she calls this week.
    I wonder how they have not call u yet
    They were not specific regarding when they will return to prospective candidates , and not specific about when they need new hires to start. Oh my gosh i dont like waiting!!!!!!
  6. by   jazzy25
    Hey I am a nurse,

    I am not able to send private messages yet bc i dont have enough post. But no i havent heard anything yet. I was thinking about the same thing. Let me know if you hear anything.

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    Thar's ok , Jazzy. Well, hopefully that means we are still in the running. The job is no longer posted in on their career site, though. I will call by the end of the week. If I get in touch with someone from HR I will ask if the position is still open, and if so, when the manager might make a decision.

    The L&D Nurse Manager asked during my interview if I applied to any other positions there, which I did. She mentioned she reports back to recruitment about whether we are good applicants in general. I will also ask about this.

    And I will let you know if I learn anything.
  8. by   jazzy25
    i am a nurse,

    I notice that too that the position was no longer in there websites. I will definitely let you know if I hear anything. The nurse manager said it was going to take awhile before they make their decisions.
  9. by   nycNurse2b
    Fingers crossed for you guys! Let us know when you hear!
  10. by   jazzy25
    Hey, did you hear anything from them?
  11. by   NurseJenny:-)
    Did any of you get the job with University Hospital? If so, please share the hiring process . Thanks
  12. by   jazzy25
    No, I did not get the job with University Hospital.