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  1. by   KPOV

    Awesome! Now I just need to figure out how to join it...haha...I found it and 'liked' it but it's not showing under my pages in I'm not sure how to join it. Do you know?

    I noticed it was an open group page...We may want to make it a closed group page so we can all feel comfortable posting throughout the term. I've noticed on other group pages, they are pretty open about what they like, what they don't terms of classes/professors/etc,. Making it a closed group ensures that anyone that is not a 'friend' (such as professors), can't see our posts. I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to FB, so I'm not sure how it can be changed....but I thought I'd throw it out there.

    Maybe someone can help us....please:-)

  2. by   flyersfan88

    I think that's a great idea. Also, if we make it a group instead of a page, we'll actually be able to see who is a part of the group! I noticed with just having a page that you "like", you can't see the members. I went to try and make a group, however it required me to invite people to join it, but I'm not friends with any of you on facebook!

  3. by   sweetsunshine12
    Hey guyzz!
    I just received my acceptance letter from the Newark waiting to hear from one more college...but UMDNJ is my top choice...I'm hoping to meet all of you
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  4. by   sweetsunshine12
    I also have a question regarding housing and such...I am from NY..and the campus looks only like an hour drive from you think commuting is a possible option?...or is it better to live on campus? what would you advise?...I would love to hear from anyone studying there now or anyone living around that area...which should be most of you ...thanks a lot
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  5. by   mmichael09
    Hey....if you dont mind me asking, what were your stats like? (GPA, grades, experience, etc). Im trying to get an idea for what theyre looking for. I will be applying for the Spring 2014 semester and want to do all i can to get in. Thanks!
  6. by   lgag30
    Hi @sweetsunshine12,
    I was also an hour away from campus and I decided to move down here - I am very happy that I did so. However, there are certainly many people in my class that commute from an hour away and are making it work (yet they do say it's tough).

    As a current Level 1, we only have class 2 days a week starting at 8am and it is pretty much all day. Yet, we need to be at clinical at 6:30am which are around the area but could be more than an hour from where you live. I know some people that commute need to be up around 4am to make it on time. Level 1 isn't terrible for commuting but I have heard that as you progress through the levels and have more clinical, it does get tougher. You could always try commuting for the first level and decide from there?

    Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!
  7. by   infiniteself
    I wasn't sure if you were still going ahead with your facebook group so I made one just in case. Here's the the name of it:

    I realize that you need to be friends with people before you start inviting them, so feel free to befriend me(gabrielle gola) or just click the link, and request to become a groupmember.

    I'll also post a link to this group on the facebook page.
    Like I said, if anyone else wants to become a group manager or suggest changes to the groups page, please feel free to shoot me a message.


    -->Lianna, if your fb group is still out there and you would like to use it, let me know and I can remove the one I created to avoid confusion
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  8. by   flyersfan88
    I never made one, so the one you made is perfectly good! Thanks!! I can't wait for everyone to start to join!

  9. by   sweetsunshine12
    @ mmichael09 not sure if you were asking me that question but,
    my GPA was a 2.9..yes it ws below 3.0!!...I graduated this year with a 3.5 GPA but my overall undergrad gpa from different institutions combined was a 2.9...and I am pretty sure my science prereq GPA was even below or level to that basic science grades for bio, chem etc were between A- and C+ but I got A's for microbio, A&P and such upper level courses...I knew it would be a problem to get into any grad program at all with my GPA...I've been volunteering at the ER of a local hospital since 2009 intermittently...had like 200 hrs from that...I shadowed a PA for 100 hrs...this year I started as an extern at a pediatrician's office where I took patient's vital signs and prepped them for the am pretty sure that in my case my experience counted the most!

    in short...your GPA shouldn't prevent you from anything! show themyou got what it takes to get into wherever you want to if your GPA isnt that good, balance it out with experiences like this...
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  10. by   sweetsunshine12
    @ lgagliano ....Thanks a lot for the info do you think the schedule would be different for the newark campus? and the clinicals start frm Level 1 on? if I choose to live on campus would I necessarily need a car...or are the clinicals accessible with public transportation? thanks a lot
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  11. by   mmichael09
    wow thanks! I have been doing volunteer work as well and I'm also doing an internship at a pediatricians office next semester! you just made me feel a lot more confident. thanks for your help congrats and good luck =)!
  12. by   borbor
    Congrats to everyone accepted to the program!
    Is anyone here from the newark campus? I would love to hear from all of you!
  13. by   borbor
    I was also accepted to the Newark Campus! Been looking on facebook for group, but i dont think anyone created one yet.

    Hope to meet you at orientation!