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  1. This is a discussion on CAN LPN Program (info request) in Hackensack ,New jersey.Hi All I'll be starting CAN in October and was wondering if there are any current or past students on here to help with my decision.I want to know if its a good program and how the instructors relate to students.Any info will be very much appreciated.Thanks!
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    Hey babynurse,
    I can only speak from my experience and the school is good if you are dedicated to your studies and you give it 100%. Most of the teachers really care about teaching the students and want to see you pass , especially 1st and 2nd Trimester , ONLY if you show that you study and take the program seriously. 2nd Trimester was the best and the teachers and chair for that trimester really want to see you succeed. Also they start you off doing clinicals the 2nd week of school which I haven't heard in any other school so that is a plus in my book. It wasn't a bed of roses but you create your own experience ( Meaning don't do what I did, Keep your business private and don't try to befriend people as family because some people have ulterior motives) I did this and that is what made my experience bitter sweet but had nothing to do with the education and teaching at CANNJ. Every nursing school has a list of complaints from students and have bad reviews can't find one that doesn't. The most important thing I can tell you is that the only thing that matters is that the education is good and you can actually PASS and become an LPN and here you can. I am taking my NCLEX exam on Tuesday, most of the classmates before me have already taken nclex and have been licensed as LPNs, so that is testimony enough that you can pass and take your boards going to this school. Good luck in the program and if you have any questions you can PM me
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    hey mjaybx,thanks for getting back to me and for the great advice.I was thinking about defering it to jan but u actually shed some light on my biggest concerns.Congrats on graduating and goodluck on the nclex.i know ull def pass it cuz of ya dedication and hardwork.God bless!
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    Hi babynurse I am starting the october day class are you in the day or the night?
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    hey socasugab,i am in the day program
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    Wow that is great orientation is the 26 I am so nervous. are you coming from jersey or new york since alot of the students are coming from new york I am coming from jersey
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    Tomorrow is the big day. Yikes.